On-Line Communications Programs

What good would an on-line service be without some kind of service for keeping you in touch with those folks with a similar interest to you? None at all really, right? With that, we present our favorite on-line communications programs for you to investigate. We have listed some of the pros and cons to each program and tell you just how we utilize each one of them.


ICQ is one of the most popular internet communications tools today. It enables you too have direct contact with other ICQ users via their ICQ identification numbers which are assigned when you first sign on to the service. One of the chief features of ICQ is its ability to run continuously in the background of all your other programming using but a little memory. When another member (whom you have entered on your personal contact list) goes on-line, ICQ will notify you as to their status. You can communicate via several different methods including: post-it type notes, direct chat and file transfers.

ICQ is available at:



Roger Wilco

Roger Wilco has become our favored voice chat program. It is a very small program that has the ability to allow multiple persons to voice chat over the web under a variety of conditions. It operates using the IP coordinates of a 'host' (any particular person in the group wishing to chat) that allows other users to log onto a chat session. You can download RW and other RW accessories at the following location:


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