Some photos from the NMRO album

A couple of our inactive members, Joe (left) and Jon (right).


Joe Mulligan has surfaced and is now working for Amtrak!

Gerry, Greg and Tony vegging out in the back of the 56 Jeep pickup.

Back in 1977, the shop forces at Whitehall, NY would let us roam freely.

Here, the gang poses with leased Canadian Pacific RS-3 #8426.

L-R Tony, Scotty, Greg, and Gerry all sitting atop the 56 Willys (GGW-1), 8-14-76.

Ed kinda looks like a pirate, doesn't he?

Scotty, Ed, Gerry and Joe clubhousing in the back of the pickup.

You can run but you can't hide. Greg at work in our nation's capitol.

Greg continues to protect doughnuts all across the nation.

Anyone for a test drive of our command vehicle?

Scotty atop the nose of Delaware and hudson PA-4 #17. The things the shop let us do!!

An NMRO field trip. It's what you can't see that's important. The bridge that our vehicles are sitting on is over the Fitchburg Route main line on the B&M's Gardner summit. It was closed to through traffic but we regularly used it as a camp site. Very secluded, it offered a great place to catch all the action. You could hear trains coming for miles all around you.

L-R: Tony, Gerry, Brian, John and Scotty all assembled at Greenfield, MA 1978.

Sadly, Brian passed into the great un-known in January 2016. Rest in Peace buddy.

Mr. Big----------------------------------Bagman

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