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Delaware & Hudson Railroad - Land Valuation Maps

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Thanks to the efforts of a few wonderful individuals, the Delaware & Hudson Railroad - Land Valuation Maps Collection is now released to the public. See the key map below to review the routes represented in this new collection.

NMRO is offering ONE (1) compact disk containing over 1000(!!) images of land valuation map drawings of the Delaware & Hudson Railroad. We describe this area covered as from the Canadian border on the north to Sunbury, PA on the south and from Binghamton, NY in the southwest to Castleton, VT in the northeast. In addition to the D&H, the collection also includes other D&H operated lines: Lake Champlain & Moriah, Troy Union Railroad, Greenwich & Johnsonville Railway, Schoharie Valley Railway, Wilkes Barre Connecting Railroad and all D&H lines acquired from Conrail after 1980.

Since its demise, the charts and drawings of the Delaware & Hudson Railroad have long been sought after by enthusiasts. Not many of them are out there, and those that are expensive to obtain and difficult to find. At last, through the generous donations of fellow rail historians, most of this public domain land valuation map data for the D&H has now been processed and is available on compact disc.

This collection was revised 03-03-2018 and now includes the entire D&H Washington Branch. Several maps have been replaced with better ones and several maps missing between Poultney, VT and Castleton have been added to complete the branch.

Please, make note of the sample image provided as it indicates the extent of trackage covered on this CD. The key map shows the lines covered by land valuation maps on this CD in blue. The remaining red lines are those for which we have yet to find land valuation maps for. As such, while you browse your copy of the D&H collection, you will see some blank map page images. These will serve as reminders to all other fans out there that we are still actively seeking donations of material to complete the collection.

This CD contains public domain land valuation maps for the following railroad: DELAWARE & HUDSON RAILROAD.
Image Details: Most all Land Valuation Maps are 9950 x 4200+/- pixels. A very few are smaller (because they were given to us as smaller images). Resolution of all images is mostly 2 color GIF format.
If you were to try to obtain these maps anywhere else in paper form it would cost you THOUSANDS of dollars!!! NMRO Products proudly believes that railroad information should be shared as reasonably as possible. Clarification: The data is FREE because it is public domain. NMRO Just does the leg work for you.

Delaware & Hudson - Line Coverage Map

(right click on images and open larger version in a new tab)

D&H Land Valuation Map Sample

Mechanicville, NY (partial cropped image)

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