Delaware & Hudson Railway Color Photo Collection*

*Now available as a direct download via Dropbox! See main NMRO Products page for details.

New from the NMRO archives comes 421 digital reproductions of color slides from the camera of S. J. Whitney.

Bevier St, Yard - Binghamton, NY

The D&H collection is now made possible through the inexpensive means of digital reproduction. Rather than spending thousands of dollars on individual photographs, this collection comes to you on affordable CD media. As always, NMRO products are free to use without restriction except for proper crediting of its source.

Fair Haven, VT - Rutland Branch.

The D&H collection primarily spans the time period from about 1976 through the early 1980's just after Guilford transportation took over the Delaware & Hudson and began its eventual demise. Soon after the GRS takeover, I (sadly) changed over to using Seattle Film Works film and processing. While the SFW was good for color prints, it's slides-from-negatives process left much to be desired. This media continued to be used through GRS's bankrupting of the D&H and through the period of designated operation of the D&H by New York Susquehanna & Western. As such, only a few of the best images from that period have been included. After Canadian Pacific Railway purchased the D&H, I was back to shooting regular slides again until good digital cameras came along. Therefore, you will see an increased number of photos from this later time period.

Nineveh, NY

The D&H collection is being presented to you in its entirety. You will see D&H and D&H related subject matter both on the home system as well as off (D&H equipment in other locations for example). It includes roster images, scenic views and technical photos such as track and signals. It comprises everything from the best to the worst as there was no reason to leave anything out as one man's trash is another's treasure.

Whitehall, NY - Back when they would allow you on the equipment!

Delaware & Hudson Railway Color Collection - 421 images

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78 Goret Dr.

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