Railroading Simulations

On this page we bring you what, in our opinion, are some of the best railroad simulation programs on the market today. These have been tried by our NMRO membership and have been determined to kick butt over the competition.... if there is any.....

Train Dispatcher 3.5 is an absolutely fabulous program for your home computer that will put you at the dispatcher's desk on some of the busiest rail lines in North America. There are over fourty rail lines represented and more are being added all the time. Click on the logo above to go to Signal Inc.'s home page.

Track Builder is the add on program for Train Dispatcher to allow you, the user, to create and customize your own track territories. Although TD2 has over fourty available track territories, you may want to change some of the details or produce a territory not yet available. Don't miss out on this one, a great add-on. Just click on the logo above.


Have you ever wanted to operate a locomotive but were afraid the Feds would lock you up forever? The solution to that little problem is called TrainMaster. Available from P. I. Engineering, TrainMaster is designed to place you at the controls of a modern locomotive with some operating characteristics that are down right amazing. The latest TN simulator is currently in the design phase so check back frequently for updates.

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